Gaspé Campus

Student Life and Sports

Broadening one’s knowledge also means learning to discover oneself. Outside of your classes, you have access to a dynamic student life thanks to the many socio-cultural and sports activities offered on the Gaspé campus. Here, you take your place and discover your true nature.

Student Sports

Competitive Component

The CEGEP offers many opportunities to develop your athletic potential in a competitive environment. At the Gaspé campus, the competitive sports teams are called Bleu Marin and are active in the following disciplines:

  • Men’s and Women’s Futsal
  • Mixed Ultimate Frisbee
  • Women’s Volleyball

Our sports teams offer supervision by a certified coach, two to three training sessions per week, transportation and accommodation during the tournaments and free access to the training room.

Participatory Component

Although not part of the Réseau sport étudiant du Québec, these disciplines offer you an opportunity to move and have fun on a regular basis, in a recreational context:

  • Sailing Team
  • Men’s Volleyball, Mixed Basketball, Mixed Ultimate Frisbee, Rugby (civilian team)
  • Climbing
  • Mixed Badminton
  • Cardio Nature

Other activities are also possible upon request by students. If you would like to start a team to practice the sport of your choice, contact Sophie Audet, Student Life Advisor.


Sports Facilities on Campus

The Gaspé campus also has a sports center offering many additional activities to keep you active throughout your studies. Equipped with a 25-meter swimming pool, a gymnasium, a training room and climbing walls, the Marcel-Bujold sports pavilion offers high quality infrastructures and courses.

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Socio-Cultural Activities

The Gaspé campus offers many socio-cultural activities that allow you to develop your talents and explore your creativity. In addition to the activities offered by the Student Life Service, you are encouraged to propose your own activities. Sophie Audet, Student Life Advisor, is there to help you set up your project.

  • Music, Performing Arts and Improvisation

    Music collective

    This grouping allows all students who make music and who would like to know people to make music with to meet! You will be able to benefit from the supervision and advice of a resource person to help you carry out personal projects. Finally, you may be invited to take part in a major performance project that will be presented to the public at the end of the winter semester.

    Cégeps en spectacle

    Cégeps en spectacle offers you a unique opportunity to create an act and present it to the public. For more information, visit the Cégeps en spectacle official website.

    Collegiate Improvisation Team

    If you already have some experience in improvisational theater, you can join the improvisation tournament team of the Gaspé campus. A few training sessions will be offered before each tournament so that players can learn to play together and develop a bond.

    Improvisation League

    Improvisation Nights are a must on Friday evenings in Gaspé and take place at the Café étudiant. Every Friday, the Blues, Blacks, Reds and Greens put on a wild show. Teams are composed of students and non-students.

    Intercultural Unit

    At the heart of the intercultural unit is a committee made up of students who represent the cultural diversity of the CEGEP and whose mandate is to set up cultural and educational activities as well as pedagogical projects.


    Film collective

    Working in teams with other participants and under the supervision of an experienced director, you will experience all the steps involved in the production of a short fiction, experimental or documentary film on the subject or theme of your choice. Your film will have the chance to be presented in front of an audience during a screening at the end of the semester!

    Prix collégial du cinéma québécois (PCCQ)

    The Prix collégial du cinéma québécois offers groups of college students the opportunity to view five Québec films released in the last year and chosen by a committee of experts. At the end of the process, students must choose three films. A representative from each CEGEP is then invited to participate in provincial deliberations in Montreal to select a winner. For more information, visit the official website of the Prix collégial du cinéma québécois.

    Literature and Philosophy

    Philosophy Cafés

    Once a month, philosophy comes out of the classroom for a friendly meeting. Philosophy Cafés offer a flexible and adaptable format to suit the interests of its participants with activities such as discussion, creation and philosophy reading workshops, and more.

    Boîte aux lettres

    At the Boîte aux lettres, we invite you to experiment with literary games, new styles and themes, to explore your imagination. All genres are permitted (poetry, drama, short stories, songs, novels, stories, etc.) and all styles are encouraged.

    Intercollegiate philosophy

    During a weekend, students from all over Québec gather at the Cégep de Valleyfield to philosophize on a particular theme.

    Intercollegiate writing marathon

    Twenty-four hours of creative writing! The writing marathon takes place in Rimouski. It offers alternating periods of free writing and creative workshops led by Québec writers. The text that wins the first prize is published in the newspaper Le Devoir. For more information:

    Prix littéraire des collégiens

    The Prix littéraire des collégiens is awarded each year by a jury of students from various colleges and CEGEPs in Québec. During group discussions, the jurors debate the qualities and merits of the novels before making their choice and awarding the prize to a Québec author. To learn more, visit

    Intercollegiate poetry collection

    This contest allows three people from the Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles to be published in the intercollegiate poetry collection, which gathers every year the creations of students from the whole province.


    Green Committee

    The Green Committee is an environmental action and awareness group. In addition to informing students about environmental issues, the committee members take concrete action in the college.

    Women outdoors

    The Women’s Outdoor Committee offers adventure tourism students and teachers moment to exchange knowledge, discuss selected themes, receive outdoor professionals, and reflect on certain challenges, irritants, and problems as well as possible solutions. The members of this committee also organize activities, excursions, expeditions, and large-scale outdoor projects.  

    Proud women in forestry

    The Proud Women in Forestry committee offers students and teachers of Forestry Technology opportunities to share their knowledge, discuss themes they have determined, meet professionals in their field and discuss different challenges, irritants, and problems as well as possible solutions. The members of this committee also participate in the organization of activities, workshops and excursions related to forestry. 

    Queer club

    Inclusive, safe, and colourful, the Queer club committee provides an opportunity to bring together members of the LGBTQIA2+ community as well as their allies.  Every month, dinners are organized to discuss social issues and upcoming projects, or simply to have fun.  

    Student Entrepreneur Club

    This club is for anyone who wants to experience stimulating entrepreneurial activities. What do we do there? Enriching meetings with entrepreneurs of all kinds, visits to companies in various fields of activity and participation in the colloquium of the Association des clubs entrepreneurs étudiants du Québec.


    L’École des Grands

    L’École des Grands is a homework help and science awareness center for elementary school students run by CEGEP students. For 10 Saturday mornings during the fall and winter semesters, you will be paired with a child from a local elementary school and accompany them in the completion of their homework in French, math and science.

    Science, on tourne!

    Science, on tourne! is a college-level scientific and technical competition offered to college students. This competition consists in taking up a scientific and technical challenge, seemingly goofy, but in reality very complex, concrete and highly educational. The Gaspé campus offers a complementary course that you can take during the winter semester and that allows you to participate in the local finals of Science, on tourne! For more information:

For more information or to register for these activities:

Student Association

The Student Association works to defend the rights and interests of students on the Gaspé campus. It supports numerous projects and activities to energize student life. You have the right to speak and vote at the general meetings of the Student Association. These meetings deal with issues that affect the daily lives of students, so it is important to attend. Please feel free to consult the members of the Executive Committee with your suggestions and comments, as they will be your representatives throughout the year.

To reach the Student Association :

418-368-2201, ext. 1448