A new vocation for the student café at the Gaspé campus!

The Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles inaugurates today on the Gaspé campus its new student café with dynamic colors, noble materials, and improved interior design. Inspired by a student project, the place has been redesigned and renovated with the aim of operating a coffee service. About fifty members of staff and the student community attended the opening.

A new café by and for the student community

The first cup of coffee was poured by the director of the Gaspé campus, Robert Richard, who congratulated the work of the students in Accounting and Management Techniques (TCG). “The student community needed a warm and friendly place to gather. These renovations leave room for a multitude of possibilities. The Chez Oscar café is open to everyone and has been designed with students to suit them and reflect them.’’ says Robert Richard.

The project has found interest within the campus. In the fall of 2022, an advisory committee was formed to propose ideas and start the project. Members of the college community were also consulted by means of a survey on their habits and expenses related to the consumption of coffee or food, attendance at campus. This survey collected ideas and proposals for the café. Finally, a discussion group made up of male and female students discussed interior design. These meetings have also made it possible to position the place as a space for socialization, animated by socio-cultural activities, all complemented by good local cafes.

Redesigned and modern spaces

The consultations made it possible to create a place with multiple vocations. A removable partition allows you to create quieter corners, while you can sit elsewhere on wooden platforms, wicker chairs or even relax on ball cushions. The coffee service corner is marked by a wooden pergola. Another space with a large table was made by a cabinetmaker from the region.

From electricity to furniture construction, the renovation of the space was entirely carried out by Cégep staff. The ceiling has been renovated to make way for more noble materials. A better and easier sound system was also purchased.

The café, which will be operated by employees studying at Cégep, will offer quality coffee from Gaspé roasters. It is open to the entire population from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday to Friday, until the end of the session. The service will resume at the start of the school year.

The management of the Gaspé campus would like to thank the Fondation Cornélius-Brotherton for the financial contribution. This project is made possible thanks to the students and staff members: Sophie Audet, Jean-William Ayotte, Hugo Cavanagh, Adam Normand, Amélie Gagné, Steeve Lemieux, Aldo Labbé, Samantha Loisel, Estelle Nauroy, Julie Pink, Guillaume Poirier, Marc Trudel and François-Pierre Poirier. Thanks also to our suppliers Joëlle Savage and Marc Trudel.