Mission and Values


The mission of the Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles is: 

  • to ensure accessibility to higher education on its territory by offering diversified and quality college programs, in French and in English, for both regular and continuing education; 
  • to offer professional training programs in the fisheries and aquaculture sector; 
  • to support and carry out educational and applied research projects and provide technical assistance to companies; 
  • participate, within the framework of collaborative agreements with ministries, agencies or other partners, in regional, national, or international development initiatives. 


By relying on the commitment and expertise of its staff, on the quality and diversity of its programs, on the human dimension of the institution and on its exceptional natural environment, the Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles intends to: 

  • be recognized for fostering the integral development and civic commitment of its students, cultivating a sense of responsibility, openness to culture, critical thinking, and above all, the desire to succeed; 
  • to remain the first choice for students in the region and to become the preferred destination for students from Québec and elsewhere in the world for quality programs in a natural environment; 
  • to remain one of the most important colleges for applied research and technology transfer in the college network and thus contribute to the sustainable development of the region, while shining on the national and international scene. 




The CEGEP values respect for others, respect for diversity, and respect for the environment. 




The CEGEP offers equal opportunities to all to develop according to one’s abilities and aspirations. 



The CEGEP promotes teamwork, skill sharing, synergy, and organizational efficiency. 



CEGEP staff and students act with integrity. 



The CEGEP values the sense of responsibility, the investment of one’s abilities and talent in the accomplishment of one’s tasks or the success of one’s training project. 

Educational Project

As an institution of higher education, we are openly announcing that we want to focus on the integral development of the student. We are thus demonstrating our great concern for training that goes beyond the acquisition of knowledge or the development of professional skills. The Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles aims, of course, to educate students, to promote their academic learning, and to prepare them for higher education and the job market. However, we do not consider this to be sufficient. 

The society in which we live and which we contribute to build needs people who are balanced, responsible, active, creative, open to culture, capable of critical thinking and able to take charge of the small and big demands of life. Our goal is to develop intellectually, socially, emotionally, morally, and psychomotorically harmonious individuals who are able to participate actively in society and achieve their full potential as citizens, workers, or otherwise.