Scholarships and Financial Assistance

Program-Specific Scholarships

Several programs offer scholarships to new students. 

  • Parcours Bursaries

    Annual scholarship of $7,500 per new student admitted to the first round and living in a municipality located more than 60 km away:

    • from a campus of the Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles offering the chosen program of study


    No additional steps to your application for admission to Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles are necessary to obtain the Parcours Scholarship. If you qualify, a member of our team will contact you to let you know.

    Scholarship Payments

    An amount of $3,750 will be paid in two parts:

    • for the fall semester, a first installment of $1,250 will be made in September and the second installment of $2,500 in October.
    • for the winter semester, a first installment of $1,250 will be made in February and a second installment of $2,500 in March.

    Everything will be repeated, each year, during the two or three years of study, depending on the regular length of the program.

    Distance education students are not eligible for this scholarship program.

    Students in the following programs are eligible:

    • Transformation des produits aquatiques;
    • Mécanique marine;
    • Pêche professionnelle;
    • Aquaculture;
    • Maintenance industrielle;
    • Technologie forestière;
    • Travail social;
    • Intervention en criminologie;
    • Archives médicales;
    • Arts, lettres et communication;
    • Comptabilité et gestion;
    • Éducation spécialisée;
    • Informatique;
    • Génie électrique;
    • Soins infirmiers;
    • Sciences de la nature;
    • Sciences humaines;
    • Social Science;
    • Natural Science.

    Student Mobility – One Semester

    Students coming from partner CEGEPs and participating in a mobility semester according to the agreements in effect will receive $3,750 for their mobility semester, according to the same payment terms as those stated above. It is necessary for the student to be full-time to obtain the scholarship during a mobility session.


    Parcours bursaries by random draw 

    Each session, a random draw for five bursaries of $3,750 will be held among students in the following programs which meet the same eligibility criteria for those for the Parcours bursaries: 

    • Adventure Tourism; 
    • Tourisme d’aventure; 
    • Techniques juridiques. 

    Each student can win the $3,750 bursary once by draw during the duration of their program.  


    * Taxes *

    The amount paid within this program is considered as income. You will then have to print the document which will be deposited in your Omnivox file by February 28 and attach it to your tax return.

    Perspective Québec Scholarships

    These scholarships are $1,500 per semester, for 6 semesters, which represents a total of $9,000 for the entire duration of the studies. The following programs are eligible: 

    • Soins infirmiers  
    • Éducation spécialisée  
    • Éducation à l’enfance  
    • Informatique 
    • Technologie forestière  
    • Technologie du génie électrique

    For more details

Any Questions About Program-Specific Scholarships?

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Foundation Scholarships

The Cornélius-Brotherton Foundation of the Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles offers scholarships to high school graduates and to the Cégep and ÉPAQ student community in order to encourage the pursuit of college studies and the obtaining of a degree. 

Click Here for More Information on the Foundation’s Scholarships  

Other Scholarships 

There are dozens of scholarships available for students at the Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles. Click here to view the Directory of Different Scholarships.  

Financial Assistance

Government of Québec’s Loans and Bursaries Program 

The Government of Québec’s loans and bursaries program allows Quebec students with insufficient financial resources to pursue full-time vocational training, college or university studies.  

Interested in Applying for Student Financial Assistance? Go to 

To complete a financial assistance application, you will need the institution and program codes specific to the Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles.

Student Financial Assistance Service (Québec Office): 1-877-643-3750  

Need Help? 

The Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles has a Student Financial Assistance Office to serve its student clientele on all its campuses. The person in charge is Germain Thibault. He can inform you about the following and help you with: 

  • The process of applying for financial assistance; 
  • The simulation of calculations; 
  • The eligibility requirements; 
  • The allowable expenses (monthly or one-time); 
  • The student categories; 
  • The refunds; 
  • The debt forgiveness; 
  • The recourse rights; 
  • Etc.  

If You Have Any Questions or Would Like to Make an Appointment:

Student Financial Assistance Office invites you to follow its two communities available on Omnivox: