Gaspé Campus

Adventure Tourism

  • Diploma : Technical
  • Duration : 3 years
  • Quota : Yes
  • Program Code : 414.B0

Program description

What if the great outdoors became your classroom? Our unique program will provide you with practical skills to supervise all necessary steps to organize professional outdoor group activities. Learn to plan, prepare, and supervise field trips, teach skills and techniques for summer and winter activities, interpret your environment, use maps and instruments for orientation, and maintain equipment. 

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Choosing to Study Here 

  • On the Gaspé Peninsula, we have the sea, as well as exceptional mountains and rivers perfect for training adventure guides. 
  • Courses lead to obtaining certifications recognized by the industry, such as boating, white water, sea kayak, advanced wilderness first aid, etc. 
  • The teachers come from the adventure tourism industry. 
  • The program meets the standards of the Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council and the Association Aventure Écotourisme Québec. 

Second Language Immersion 

Take your courses in French or in English and get individual coaching, thanks to the Cégep French and English sector.


Possibility of two full-time three-month internships (summer and winter).

New and Specialized Equipment

Access to the biggest fleet of specialized outdoor equipment of all Québec adventure tourism programs.

Your Future


  • Adventure and ecotourism outfitters; 
  • Specialized schools and training centers: first aid, kayak, canoeing, white-water rescue, avalanche, ski, etc.; 
  • Outdoor education environments such as summer camp schools and therapeutic adventure programs; 
  • Private services such as guiding and retail, even as an entrepreneur; 
  • Public services such as parks, reserves, ZECs or towns. 

University Studies

You can be admitted into any other university program requiring a DEC such as in physical education, teaching, geography, etc.

Course Schedule

Note: School calendar(only french) dates may differ for this program, causing it to end a little later.

  • Wilderness Orientation 190-K13-GA

    This forestry technology course will enable Adventure Tourism Techniques students to develop skills in the use of topographic maps and the application of orientation and navigation techniques. Specifically, students will learn to read and use maps to orient themselves and travel in the natural environment. They will also become familiar with the use of a GPS unit in conjunction with a map, as a complement to the compass. Finally, students will use digital mapping software (e.g., Caltopo) to plan hiking routes and record data taken in the field during a field trip.  

    As such, this course is an introduction to the techniques of planning a hiking route using the proposed itinerary planning documents in the course. Finally, it is also an introduction to orientation and navigation in a natural land environment with a view to guiding a group while ensuring its safety. 

    Fundamentals of the Profession 414-H93-GA

    The Fundamentals of the Profession course is an introduction to the profession. It aims to situate the student in the profession of Adventure Tourism technicians by allowing them to understand the work functions, the tasks to be performed as well as the professional attitudes and behaviors essential to the practice of the profession. 

    Canoeing 414-HX3-GA

    Québec is known for its lakes and rivers. Whether for day trips or longer expeditions, the Canoeing Techniques course aims to provide students with the basic knowledge of the essential maneuvers of canoeing so that they can steer a boat in calm and white water and make the best decision on how to overcome the various obstacles encountered.  

    This course will allow students to acquire knowledge and skills related to calm water and white water canoeing. Within the course modules, theoretical notions will be covered. These will focus on the different equipment, components, and characteristics of canoes, but also on the rich history of the canoe in Canada’s history.  


    In addition to the notions of paddling techniques and history, participants will learn the basics of white water safety. They will learn the golden rules of white water safety, as well as the use of rescue tools such as the rope bag. In addition, speed reading will be a crucial element of the course. This way, students will feel comfortable in choosing the right line to take when paddling a class I or II rapid. 

    Wilderness First Aid 414-S43-GA

    The Outdoor Cooking course focuses on outdoor eating and food management in the field. Topics include food and planning nutritious and balanced menus for different types of expeditions, food preparation, preservation, and packaging, organizing and managing an outdoor kitchen, hygiene and sanitation, different cooking methods and more. 

    Wilderness Camp Management 414-S53-GA

    Wilderness Camp Management is an introductory course in basic wilderness living skills for guided expeditions. It takes place at the very beginning of the program to equip students with site management and personnel management skills. 

    Wilderness Camp Management 414-S63-GA

    Wilderness Camp Management is an introductory course in basic wilderness living skills for guided expeditions. It takes place at the very beginning of the program to equip students with site management and personnel management skills. 

    Knowledge 345-101-MQ

    Description to come. 

    Introduction to College English 603-101-MQ

    Description to come. 

    Introduction to College English COM-001-03
  • Communication and Leadership in Adventure Tourism 350-323-GA

    This course is designed to help students develop and critically evaluate their interpersonal communication skills as a means of contributing to their leadership development.  

    The tools introduced and used in this course are intended to allow students to better understand their own reactions, those of others and their impact in different interpersonal contexts. With this knowledge, students will be able to communicate in a more informed manner (style, tools, means) and make choices based on their objectives as a leader and the objectives of the group when they lead or participate in an expedition.  

    Exploratory Work Placement 414-HS3-GA
    Personal : 3 hours

    The exploratory internship course is an opportunity for students to verify their interest in the field and to deepen their knowledge of the adventure tourism industry. The course is also a prerequisite for the internship offered in the fourth semester. 

    Sea Kayaking 414-HY3-GA

    In this course, the student will learn the skills of sea kayaking. The elements in the program cover safety and the acquisition of theoretical, technical, and practical knowledge. The student will develop attitudes such as judgment and leadership to be able to pass on techniques related to the practice of summer activities at the end of the Adventure Tourism Techniques program. 

    Wilderness Trip Planning and Preparation 414-KH4-GA

    This course is an introduction to the planning and preparation of a wilderness trip. Students will be exposed to the various planning tools, basic risk management concepts and the various logistical elements that must be considered during such an outing. Finally, students will be able to validate the quality of their planning and learning through a winter camping field trip. 

    Avalanche Terrain Safety  414-KK4-GA

    Based on the content and objectives of Avalanche Canada’s “Avalanche Safety 1” and “Self-Rescue” courses, the Avalanche Terrain Safety course is designed to provide students with knowledge of avalanches and mountain weather, as well as the opportunity to develop their skills while traveling in avalanche-prone areas and performing self-rescue simulations. 

    Backcountry Skiing 414-KM4-GA

    The Backcountry Skiing course is an introduction to backcountry skiing. Students will have the opportunity to learn the basic skills and knowledge required to participate in a day of backcountry skiing in a safe and enjoyable manner. 

    White Water Rescue 414-S33-GA

    Description to come. 

    Literary Genres 601-102-MQ

    Description to come. 

  • Discovering Natural Environments 147-K24-GA

    Description to come. 

    Supervision of Outdoor Activities 414-HW3-GA

    Description to come. 

    Canoe-Camping Expedition 414-HZ3-GA

    Description to come. 

    Backpacking Expedition and Orientation 414-KJ4-GA

    Description to come. 

    Sea Kayaking Expedition and Navigation 414-S23-GA

    Description to come. 

    Physical Activity and Health 109-101-MQ

    Description to come. 

    World Views 340-102-MQ

    Description to come. 

    French Second Language 601-103-MQ

    Description to come. 

    English for Technologies 604-CGF-R4

    Description to come. 

  • Client Experience in Adventure Tourism 414-HQ3-GA

    Description to come. 

    Risk Management 414-HU3-GA

    Description to come. 

    Rafting 414-HV3-GA

    Description to come. 

    Backcountry Skiing Expedition 414-KN4-GA

    Description to come. 

    Equipment Maintenance and Repair 414-S73-GA

    Description to come. 

    Physical Activity and Effectiveness 109-102-MQ

    Description to come. 

    Humanities in Sciences and Technology 340-C33-GA

    Description to come. 

    French Second Language 602-PGE-R4

    Description to come. 

    Literary Themes 603-103-MQ

    Description to come. 

  • Interpretation of Natural Environments 147-K93-GA

    Description to come. 

    Site and Trail: Development and Maintenance 190-K23-GA

    Description to come. 

    Guiding a River Expedition 414-KP4-GA

    Description to come. 

    Guiding a Sea Kayaking Expedition 414-KQ4-GA

    Description to come. 

    Guiding a Hiking Expedition 414-KS4-GA

    Description to come. 

    Québec Traditional Cultures and Indigenous Perspectives 414-S13-GA

    Description to come. 

    Work Placement: Guiding in Adventure Tourism 414-S83-GA

    Description to come. 

    Product Design in Adventure Tourism 414-S93-GA

    Description to come. 

  • Geography, Culture and Landscape 20-K13-GA

    Description to come. 

    Marketing in Adventure Tourism 410-K03-GA

    Description to come. 

    Advanced Leadership 414-HP3-GA

    Description to come. 

    Socio-Economic and Environmental Issues in TTA 414-HT3-GA

    Description to come. 

    Advanced Wilderness First Aid 414-KL4-GA

    Description to come. 

    Guiding a Backcountry Skiing Expedition 414-KR4-GA

    Description to come. 

    Instructional Skills in Paddling 14-S03-GA

    Description to come. 

    Physical Fitness III 109-331-04

    Description to come. 

    Elective Course 2 COM-002-03

General Conditions

Possess a high school diploma or hold a high school vocational diploma and have successfully completed the following courses:

  • Language of Instruction – Secondary 5
  • Second Language – Secondary 5
  • Mathematics – Secondary 4

Special Conditions

Students who make an application for admission will be selected based on the following criteria:

Good physical health;

Experience and skills;

Quality of the academic record.

Specific forms must be completed and submitted with your application for admission (forms available online at the Service régional d’admission au collégial de Québec [SRACQ] website):

  • Health assessment certificate;
  • Risk acceptance and consent to participate statement;
  • Experience and skills form.

Participation in this program requires exposure to the inherent risks of the various outdoor activities included in this program.

An outdoor physical test and a pool physical test are required each semester. An individualized follow-up is offered to students who score below average on physical tests.

An additional cost of $436.45 per semester is required for certifications and program expeditions. This cost is subject to change. If a student withdraws within 10 working days of the start of the semester, a refund may be given if the student has not participated in any activities. CEGEP registration related fees are not refundable.

For more information

Communications and International Activities Department
418-368-2201, ext. 1381
1-888-368-2201, ext. 1381

* « La relance au collégial en formation technique », Ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur, 2020