Gaspé Campus

Springboard to a DSC

  • Pre-University : Pre-University
  • Duration : 1 to 3 semesters
  • Quota : No
  • Program Code : 081.16

Program description

Unsure which program to choose? Missing a few requirements? Enjoy a first college experience and explore the various opportunities available to you. Check out the different disciplines we offer and complete courses you need to be admitted into a specific program. You also have access to individualized academic support to help you make the transition to college successful. 

Apply for Admission 

This pathway is for you if... 

  • You are still thinking about what fields of study you might be interested in; 
  • You would like to explore courses that are offered in various programs; 
  • You have not finished the prerequisite courses you need for admission in another program; 
  • You would like to build your study techniques and improve your academic performance; 
  • You experienced some difficulty while you were in high school and you are worried about studying at CEGEP; 
  • You are missing six or more credits you need for your high school diploma; or 
  • The program you have chosen is offered outside the region, but you would like to complete the general portion of the program in your home region. 

Choosing to Study Here 

  • With individual support from your own teacher-tutor who, if you are enrolled in the Studying at CEGEP course, you will learn how to use all the tools you will need to improve your study methods and guidance approach. 

  • There is a Help Centre where you can get help in French, English First Language, English Second Language and Math. 

Your Future

  • Enroll in a pre-university or technical program once you have finished your springboard pathway or at the end of your first semester. 

  • Make a change in your academic orientation. 

Course schedule

  • Physical Activity and Health  109-101-MQ

    This course focuses on the relationship between physical fitness, healthy and active lifestyle, and health. You will have to experiment with one or a few physical activities and relate them to your ability to adapt to exercise, your needs to change or maintain your physical condition, your motivation, your lifestyle habits, and your knowledge regarding prevention, in order to make a relevant and justified choice of physical activities. 

    Studying at CEGEP 360-RE1-GA

    This course has been specifically designed to give you the opportunity to develop the attitudes, skills and strategies required to successfully pursue a college education. It is a privileged place to obtain help in completing the work required for all of its courses by applying the strategies developed in concrete terms. 

    This course will allow you to better manage your time and studies while developing your own learning strategies. It aims to provide a coaching structure that can take the form of targeted meetings with teachers, the individual educational assistant, the guidance counselor, or another intervener, depending on the needs. Academic and career planning will also be addressed, in close collaboration with the professionals involved. 

    French Second Language, Common GE  602-CGE-R4

    Description to come. 

    Introduction to College English  603-101-MQ

    Description to come. 

    Knowledge 345-101-MQ

    Description to come. 

    Elective Course 1 COM-001-03
    Remedial Activities Click here to see

    105-003-RE, Mise à niveau pour Science et technologie de l’environnement de 4e secondaire (Environmental Science and Technology Upgrade for Secondary 4) 

    201-016-RE, Mise à niveau pour Mathématique, séquence Technico-sciences de 4e secondaire (Mathematics, Technico-Sciences Sequence Upgrade for Secondary 4) 

  • Physical Activity and Effectiveness 109-102-MQ

    This course is about the process of improving effectiveness through an objective-based approach in the context of a sport, expression, or outdoor activity. You will need to take an initial survey and assess your skills and behaviors regarding the practice of physical activity, set goals and interpret your progress to improve. This course aims to empower you by taking charge of your apprenticeships required for your improvement in the practice of physical activity. 

    French Second Language, Applied GE  602-PGE-R4

    Description to come. 

    Literary Genres 603-102-MQ

    Description to come. 

    Elective Course 2 COM-002-03

    Description to come. 

    Remedial Activities Click here to see
    • 201-015-RE, Mathematics, Science and Technology Sequence Upgrade for Secondary 5
    • 202-001-RE, Chemistry Upgrade for Secondary 5
    • 203-001-RE, Chemistry Upgrade for Secondary 5
  • Physical Activity and Autonomy  109-103-MQ

    This course is designed to help you integrate physical activity into your lifestyle, including better management of the factors that facilitate this integration. During the supervised practice, you will apply the previous apprenticeships by practicing physical activity regularly and sufficiently from a health perspective, on the one hand, and by planning, carrying out and evaluating a personal physical activity program that you have the opportunity to practice and validate under the supervision of the teaching staff, on the other. 

    World Views 345-102-MQ

    Description to come.

    Literary Themes 603-103-MQ

Admission Conditions

General Conditions 

Possess a secondary school diploma or hold a secondary school vocational diploma and have successfully completed the following courses: 

  • Language of Instruction – Secondary 5 
  • Second Language – Secondary 5 
  • Mathematics – Secondary 4 

Special Conditions 


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