Assistance Centers and Tutoring

Assistance Сenters

Assistance centers are available for students experiencing difficulties in French, math, methodology or philosophy. This is a free service offered at each campus that provides one-on-one support with a teacher.

French Assistance Centers 

French Assistance Centres (FACs) offer a variety of one-on-one support services in written French and literary analysis, including individualized follow-up, drop-in support, workshops, and online resources.

It is possible to benefit from regular or occasional supervision. Regular coaching is reserved for students who need regular follow-up and who benefit from weekly or bi-weekly meetings.

Occasional coaching consists of scheduled weekly coaching periods to address specific needs that do not require follow-up. The different types of workshops offered are:

  • Diagnostic tests;
  • Explanations related to a particular rule and supervised exercises;
  • Supervised dictations or formative essays;
  • Introduction to reference documents;
  • Assistance in the correction of works to be handed in:
  • This service allows you to carry out the linguistic revision of a text under the supervision of a resource person and with the help of Antidote correction software;
  • Note: this is not about getting your work corrected, but about getting support to learn how to do a better self-correction;
  • Preparatory sessions for the uniform French test.

The services are also available to distance education students.

Check with your campus FAC to find out what services are available. You can find the information on Omnivox.

Methodology Assistance Centers (MAC)

The Methodology Assistance Center services are available on all campuses and are there to help students with their work methods and the presentation of assignments.

Digital and Techno-Pedagogical Assistance Center

Assistance services are offered to help students with the use of technological tools necessary for the realization of their study project (Lea, Omnivox, collaborative platforms, etc.).

Second Language Assistance Centers

On some campuses, an English or French as a second language assistance center is available. Ask your second language teachers or the campus success contact for more information.

Philosophy Assistance Centers

On some campuses, a philosophy assistance center is available. Ask your teachers allocated to this subject or the campus success contact for more information.

Math Assistance Center

On some campuses, a math assistance center is available. Ask your teachers allocated to this subject or the campus success contact for more information.

Peer Tutoring

In addition to teaching, the peer tutoring service creates links between students and promotes the integration of new students. This service is intended for any student who needs individualized and personalized help to better succeed in any of the courses in his or her schedule or who wishes to help other students.

For more information

For more information on assistance centers and tutoring, you can visit the Assistance Centers section of the Omnivox community Assistance Measures and Adapted Services or contact your campus success contact (repcar) through MIO or from the following information: