Gaspé Campus Library

Services Offered

The library has the mandate to support the educational project of the Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles. The internal clients of the library are the students, teachers, and personnel of the CEGEP and of Groupe Collegia. The library also offers loan privileges to residents of the Gaspé area and surroundings. 


The Gaspé Campus Library offers its clientele:  

  • 42,000 printed documents, including nearly 3,000 reference works; 
  • 3,600 audiovisual and multimedia documents; 
  • 80 subscriptions to scholarly and cultural journals (in addition to our digital access through the Érudit, Repère and Eureka databases); 
  • 400 board games; 
  • 10 laptops for use in the library;
  • 14 ergonomic seats, one stationary bicycle as a work station and also pedal exercisers.

The documents are located together on the shelves by subjects. To help you locate the titles, here is two help guides:

Understanding Dewey Classification

How to find this book on the shelves?


Document Loans

Internal library users can borrow printed and audiovisual documents from the collection. External library users can only borrow books. For detailed information on loan privileges, please see our Loan Policy. 


Course Reserves 

Teachers can put on reserve documents necessary for their courses. These documents must be consulted in the library, to ensure equal access for all students to the recommended material. 

Library Skills Training 

To help students familiarize themselves with the different resources available at the library, we offer library skills training. 

We offer a variety of trainings to help students develop their informations research skills and also, to support the teachers.

  • Express Library Training (50 minutes): emphasis on the information research steps and tools for each one and a quick demonstration of our online resources.
  • Regular Library Training (2 x 50 minutes): emphasis on the research strategies and the second information research step “Finding information” (understanding the databases, selecting the right keywords, bolean operators, exact expression, truncation), then a demo and a quiz to practice.
  • Remote training on EdPuzzle and live quiz on Kahoot! (2 x 50 minutes): theory at your own pace on a online plateform that can be completed at home or in a computer lab and then, we apply what we have learned in a practical quiz together.
  • Follow-up workshop (50 minutes): as a group, we discuss what are your difficulties and research obstacles and answer your questions. After the period is free for you to work individually on your research paper and we are available to help.
  • Advanced workshop (50 to 75 minutes): based on the students research questions, a presentation of a panorama of quality information sources and introduction to the evaluation of information.
  • Zotero, a free software to collect, organize, cite your sources (50 minutes): installation, files organization, bibliographic description collection, adding notes and PDF documents, and use Zotero with Microsoft Word with your bibliographic styles of preference.
  • Library training updates for teachers (50 minutes): library visit, discovery of our electronic databases subscriptions, library website, and this is a time to answer all you questions and information needs to be up to date.

If you need further training, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Printing, Photocopying and Scanning 

Students can print documents from one of the library’s computer stations.  

At the beginning of the school year, each student is allocated $5 in their printing account. Each printed sheet debits $0.05 from this account. To add print credits, contact the school store in room R-27e. 

It is also possible to make photocopies. On the multifunction printer, the Photocopies function is available to all users. The user must make his or her own photocopies and make sure to respect copyright. Costs range from $0.10 per black and white copy to $0.50 per color copy. Note that to make photocopies, you must pay cash. 

Finally, the Scan function is only available to members of our community who have an institutional email address Unfortunately, it is not possible to scan and transfer the file to a USB key (function disabled).


Special Equipment 

The primary function of a medium-sized teamwork room is to act as a film projection room (DVD or VHS). Come and watch a movie or a documentary at the library on our little sofa!  

A second medium teamwork room houses the philosophy assistance center. Students can use this room outside of the meeting hours reserved for the services of this assistance center.  

Computers and Internet Access 

Ten computer stations connected to the Internet are available to students, eight of which are located in our computer lab.  

Wireless Internet access is available to students and staff throughout the library. 

Users in the Greater Gaspé area may bring their laptop to connect to the “CEGEPGIM-PUBLIC” wireless Internet, but will not have access to the computers on site. 

Finally, we have ten laptops that can be borrowed and used only on site in our library spaces. Teachers can borrow the entire cart (10 computers) to take out of the library upon reservation. 


Teamwork Rooms 

The library includes two medium-sized rooms and two small rooms for teamwork. Teamwork is also possible in the open discussion areas of the library. Only the document training room, except when used for training, is a quiet area.  

The study room is a completely silent area, so the library spaces offer more complementary discussion areas.