Here are the safety instructions to follow in the event of a fire.

Anyone who notices a fire outbreak or the presence of smoke must immediately apply the Safeguard, Alert, Close, and Extinguish principles:

  • Safeguard

    Move or evacuate anyone in the vicinity of the fire;


    Sound the alarm by pulling a manual fire control (audible alarm) and immediately notify the person in charge of the location and nature of the fire by calling:

    • Gaspé campus : 418 368-2201, extension 8888
    • Magdalen Islands campus: 418 986-5187, extension 2222
    • Carleton-sur-Mer campus: 418 364-3341, extension 4444
    • École des pêches et de l’aquaculture du Québec: 418 385-2241, extension 3333
    • Montreal campus: 1 888 368-2201, extension 7777

    If necessary, dial 9 1 1.


    Close all doors and windows to prevent the rapid spread of the fire;


    If safe and feasible, extinguish the fire with a portable fire extinguisher. Do not attempt to extinguish small fires if your safety is at risk. Make sure you have an escape route.

When an audible alarm is triggered:

  1. Cease all activity.
  2. Leave the building through the nearest exit:
  • Do not waste time retrieving your personal items;
  • Close the door of the room when you leave;
  • Never open a door without checking with the back of your hand if it is hot;
  • Check for smoke in the hallway and, if any, cover your mouth and nose with a cloth (sweater, coat, etc.);
  • Proceed to the assembly point:

        For the Gaspé campus

        For the Magdalen Islands campus

        For the Carleton-sur-Mer campus

        For the École des pêches et de l’aquaculture du Québec

       For the Montreal campus

If it is impossible to exit the building:

  1. Ensure your own safety.
  2. Activate the manual fire control (audible alarm).
  3. Stay in your room or move to the nearest room.
  4. Seal the bottom of the door. If there is smoke, stay close to the floor.
  5. Call the person in charge of your campus, dial 911, or otherwise make your presence known.
  6. You should attempt to control an incipient fire only by using a fire extinguisher.

To use a fire extinguisher

  1. Make sure you have an escape route.
  2. Position yourself between the fire and your emergency exit.
  3. Pull the pin out of the extinguisher.
  4. Hold the extinguisher upright and aim at the root of the fire with slow left-to-right movements.
  5. Evacuate the area as soon as the extinguisher is empty.


Wait for instructions from the emergency response team before re-entering the building or leaving the assembly point.