Unique Study Options


This Unique Studies option in Québec is available to students registered at the Gaspé campus in the following programs:

  • Social Sciences (French and English)
  • Natural Sciences (French and English)
  • Arts, Letters and Communication

With this option, you will have the chance to obtain a pre-university college diploma, in addition to discovering and practicing a wide variety of outdoor activities in an exceptional playground: the Gaspésie region!

While following your pre-university training, you will be able to practice a weekly outdoor activity such as sea kayaking or rafting, supervised by experienced and passionate instructors. In addition, four weekend activities per semester will allow you to go further in certain activities. A resource person from Adventure-Studies will accompany you throughout your training to develop your outdoor autonomy, your leadership and your personal growth.

At the end of the first year of your program, you will participate in the preparation of a three-day field trip project. A gang in “exped”, that ends the year in beauty!

Certifications Offered

Sea kayaking, canoeing, white water rescue, avalanche safety, indoor climbing certificate, scuba diving, and many others.


English and French Speaking Students

All documents that will be handed out during the activities will be available in both languages.

Examples of Activities Offered

Rafting, canoeing, sea kayaking, hiking (Forillon National Park, Gaspesie Park, Chic-Chocs Wildlife Reserve), forest survival, board sports (cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, alpine cross-country skiing), climbing (rock and ice), surfing, and many others!

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Equipment Provided by the College

We are proud to say that the Adventure-Studies option address some of the material needs of students. The equipment is of good quality and meets the most stringent requirements of an expedition. We recognize that the purchase of outdoor equipment is expensive, so we loan most of the equipment needed for our courses to our students. Here are some examples of the equipment provided:

  • Sea kayaks (solo and tandem) and equipment (V.F.I., helmet, skirt, paddle, paddle ball, pump, towing bag, marine compass, waterproof bag);
  • White water canoes and equipment (V.F.I., helmet, paddle, rope bag, bailer, waterproof barrel);
  • Rafts;
  • Snowshoes;
  • Isothermal clothing (overalls and jacket) and paddling anorak;
  • Backcountry skis (high road and telemark), boots, poles, climbing skins and safety equipment (shovel, probe, D.V.A. and ski helmet);
  • Camping equipment (ground mattress, -7°C, -18°C and -32°C sleeping bags, bivouac);
  • Four-season tents, tarps, stoves and cooking equipment;
  • Expedition backpack.

Mandatory Equipment

In addition to the equipment provided by the CEGEP, each student must purchase a few pieces of individual equipment:

  • 1 waterproof and breathable jacket and pants (e.g. Goretex);
  • 1 headlamp;
  • 1 to 2 water bottles;
  • Gourd insulations;
  • 1 to 2 synthetic undergarments (top and bottom)*;
  • 1 medium-thick fleece insulating garment (top and bottom)*;
  • 1 pair of sunglasses;
  • 1 pair of neoprene boots or neoprene socks;
  • 1 pair of neoprene gloves;
  • 1 neoprene cap;
  • 1 Fox 40 whistle;
  • 1 pocket knife with locking blade;
  • 1 plastic bowl (bowl, spoon, fork, knife);
  • 1 thermos (0.5 to 1 liter);
  • 1 backpack (30 to 40 liters).

Strongly Recommended Equipment

  • 1 long-sleeved insulating jacket (down, at least 700 density);
  • 1 pair of hiking boots: it is recommended to invest in quality hiking boots. They will quickly pay for themselves, as they are frequently used.

*Clothing: It is suggested that no cotton materials be worn. Wool, polypropylene or other synthetic materials are perfect for the outdoors.



The cost of the Adventure-Studies program is $800* per semester, which is payable before you pick up your schedule.

This price includes:

  • group transportation to the activity sites;
  • a resource person to supervise your outdoor activities;
  • costs related to the activities practiced;
  • Entrance fees to sites (national parks, etc.);
  • the costs of certifications.

The usual CEGEP registration fees must also be paid.

*If a student withdraws within 10 working days of the start of the semester, the costs of the program of $800 can be reimbursed if the student has not participated in any activities. The $156 registration fee is non-refundable.

To register

  • Step 1: Check if You Meet the Admission Requirements.
    To enroll in the Adventure-Studies option, in the Humanities, Natural Sciences, or Arts, Letters and Communication, you must:
    • have met the admission requirements for entry into college and enrolled in all prerequisite courses for your chosen program;
    • have maintained an average in French above 75% in Secondary 4 (for Québec students).

Step 2: Complete Your Regular SRACQ Admission.
You will need to make a formal application to SRACQ for admission to the program of your choice (Humanities, Natural Sciences or Arts, Letters and Communication), choosing the Adventure-Studies option. Click here for more information about admission.