Propane gas leak

You can detect a gas leak because of the foul smell (rotten eggs) produced by mercaptan, a substance added to natural gas and propane.


  • Keep people away from the leak area;
  • Immediately notify the person in charge by calling:
    • Gaspé campus: 418 368-2201, extension 8888
    • Magdalen Islands campus: 418 986-5187, extension 2222
    • Carleton-sur-Mer campus: 418 364-3341, extension 4444
    • École des pêches et de l’aquaculturedu Québec: 418 385-2241, extension 3333 
    • Montreal campus: 1 888 368-2201, extension 7777
      • Identify yourself
      • Indicate the location of the call
      • Describe the leak
  • Do not handle any object likely to produce a spark or flame (lighter, telephone in the room where the gas leak is located, electrical switch or appliance, flashlight, manual fire alarm station, etc.);
  • Ventilate the room by opening windows, if possible;
  • Close the door to the room to isolate the leak.

If you are working directly near a gas source, turn off the gas supply.