Gaspé Campus Library

Electronic Ressources

The libraries offer students of the Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles, as well as the teaching staff, access to several online documentary resources. To access a resource, simply click on its icon. An identification window will then open. For students, the username is your student number followed by (e.g. and the password is your Omnivox password. For staff members, you must enter the same login information as for your CEGEP email. 

If you would like to learn more about these resources, simply click on the   icon to open a text search help document or on the icon for a video document. 


To find books, dictionaries, or specialized encyclopedias.

Electronic books collection developed by the libraries of the Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles.



ScholarVox, a service of Cyberlibris, offers more than 30 000 e-books from international and Quebecer publishers, in French and in English. 



Banq Numérique

Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec has a lot of electronic resources to offers to all Quebec citizens. You can access thousands of e-books, journals, music pieces, music partitions, and videos. Some documents can also be downloaded, while other need to be consulted online. Everything is free, but you need to fill the subscription form beforehand. All you need is a Quebec address and to fill this form.


Electronic journals

To find articles: scientific, cultural, news and media. 



In Repère, you will find French only journal articles. Not all articles are available to read directly in the database (full text), but you can check if your campus library has subscribed to the printed edition to loan the issues that only offer the bibliographic information. 




ÉRUDIT gives you access to academic and cultural journal articles. More than 90% of the articles are available in full text. 




Eureka offers millions of journal articles from news press, cultural journals, and magazines from Canadian and European sources, in French and English. 


Journal of Chemical Education

This is the electronic version of the Journal of Chemical Education, including their archives. 


Canadian Nurse

An online journal devoted to nursing. Published by the Canadian Nurses Association. 



To find videos, reports, movies, documentaries. 


ARTE Campus

ARTE Campus is the online educational resource of the ARTE channel for higher education and adult training. 

Consult provides access to the best educational content of Radio-Canada and the CBC, and also to the National Geographic channel, in French and in English. 


National Film Board of Canada

To watch movies, documentaries and animation films, interaction productions and other resources of the National Film Board. 


en classe Télé-Québec

Access all the educational content offered by Télé-Québec.



To be familiarized with your topic. 



This is a French only encyclopedia from France to find articles on people, dates, locations, and subjects.  



This is an English encyclopedia. Great to find encyclopedia articles, this database also includes a dictionary, thesaurus, and URL links to external websites. 


L’encyclopédie Canadienne

This is our bilingual online national encyclopedia created by our people, for our people about Canadian people, to learn more about Canadian events, our culture, our history, and our landscapes. 



To define, precise a word or a concept. 



This French only dictionary offers 10 tools in 1: spelling, grammar, difficulties, conjugation, syntax, Anglicisms, typography, Quebecisms, abbreviations, correspondence. 



This online edition of the French only dictionary is adapted for all screens and can help you research words to easily find their definition. 


Grand Robert & Collins

Online version of the Grand Robert & Collins, a French-English translation dictionary. 


The Visual

Visual dictionary in digital format. Watch as real-life objects and phenomena are revealed through hyper-realistic illustrations accompanied by reliable and accurate terms. 


Other Resources


RxVigilance is the ideal assistant when it comes to pharmacological treatment that allows you to quickly access the information. 



Take advantage of services and tools associated with a bank including over 50,000 photos of Canadian products. 


Histoire à la carte

This is a historic multimedia atlas that gives you access to animated maps. 


Handbook of Chemistry and Physics

The online version of the Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, one of the most important data reference books used by scientists. This latest version provides quick and easy access to everything the manual has to offer.  


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