Hazardous materials

Here are the safety instructions to follow in the event of hazardous materials.

If you notice an incident involving HAZARDOUS MATERIALS:

  • Stay calm;
  • See to your own safety;
  • Move or evacuate anyone in the room or in the vicinity of the spill.
  • In case of danger or emergency:
    • Immediately notify the person in charge by calling:
      • Gaspé campus: 418 368-2201, extension 8888
      • Magdalen Islands campus: 418 986-5187, extension 2222
      • Carleton-sur-Mer campus: 418 364-3341, extension 4444
      • École des pêches et de l’aquaculturedu Québec: 418 385-2241, extension 3333 
      • Montreal campus: 1 888 368-2201, extension 7777
    • If possible, open the windows;
    • Isolate the spill area by closing doors;
    • Remain on site (in a safe area) to inform the local emergency manager and external partners of the nature of the material and the circumstances of the event.
    In case of a hazardous material incident in a laboratory:
    • Immediately notify the technician in charge of the laboratory.
    • Never attempt to remove hazardous materials without personal protective equipment.
    • Locate and consult the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for the spilled material and follow the relevant instructions.
    If you are involved in a splash incident
    • If your clothes are soiled, remove them.
    • If your skin or eyes are affected, rinse them without rubbing for 20 minutes with an eye wash, hand shower or showerhead.
    Prevention and information