Socio-cultural activities

At the Gaspé Campus, there are many sociocultural activities that will help you develop your talents and explore your creativity. In addition to the activities offered by the Student Services, you are encouraged to propose your own activities. Sophie Audet, Student Life Advisor, will be delighted to help you set up your project.

Intercultural Group

The Intercultural Group is a forum for discussion and dialogue between students from different cultures. It organises numerous activities to help the College community discover the riches of interculturality. Shows, world cuisine, stands providing information about traditions that exist elsewhere: the Group is the ideal place to share your own experience and learn about others while meeting students from around the world.

To reach the Intercultural Group

Louise Francoeur
Room R-20
418 368-2201, ext. 8071
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Film Club

Are you dreaming of being an actor, or working behind the camera? The film club will make it possible for you to experience all the steps involved in producing a film. Every year, the people who have signed up participate in creating a short film scenario together. The approximately ten minute-long work is shot at the end of the session, supervised by an experienced director.

L'Esquif Outdoor Club

L'Esquif Outdoor Club organizes and promotes outdoor activities on weekends, such as sea kayaking, adventure racing, hiking, back country skiing, etc. You will discover new and marvelous things to do in the most beautiful Gaspesian scenery. Do you have suggestions, or do you want to organize an outdoor activity? Get involved in L'Esquif!

You can also find us on Facebook!

Music Club

Are you a musician or a singer? If so, join the Music Club! This group allows all students who play an instrument or sing to share their passion. The club offers you the opportunity to meet artists, participate in training, go to shows and concerts. You can be a part of stimulating music projects. You will have access to a practice room, and whenever you need it, you can take advantage of a resource person's supervision and advice.

Gaspé Improvisation League

Do you dream of being a raging success on stage, do you enjoy storytelling, are you looking for somewhere to let it all hang out? The Gaspé Improvisation League is here! Every Friday evening, two of the four improvisation teams engage in a vigourous face-off. Players must use stinging talk-back, be sharp, or use colourful characters if they want the audience on their side.

If you're in the Gaspé Improvisation League, you can also join the Bleu Marin college team to take on other cégeps at tournaments.

A beginners and selection camp is offered free in early fall, at the student café Chez Oscar.

Le Chameau Theatre Company

Le Chameau Theatre Company will make it possible for you to experience the excitement of the stage and participate in the whole process of creating a theatrical production. Supervised by an experienced producer, develop your acting techniques and get involved in making scenery and costumes and doing makeup. In early spring, you'll get your reward when four performances will be given in public.

Go to the first meeting to get the information on the upcoming project. Excerpts of the play will be handed out then. Casting takes place the following week, with a group reading of the excerpts. This allows the producer to get an idea of each person's potential (voice, volume, intonation, etc.).

Student Radio

Student Radio makes it possible for cegep students to be heard on all sorts of topics: the arts, politics, social issues, culture, etc. It also contributes to the Student Café atmosphere by playing a wide range of music according to the hosts' varied tastes. You can host your own theme show or broadcast short messages about events at the Cégep. A student committee decides on the programming, discusses the content of the shows decides and what kind of music should be played. A resource person supports the team as it learns and offers training.

Ecological Groupe Uni-vert

Do you care about the environment? Join Uni-vert, the ecological action and awareness-raising group. In addition to informing students about problems having to do with pollution and wastefulness, the members of the committee take hands-on action in the college and show documentaries. It is important to raise awareness and apply daily actions to respect the environment. Do your share for the planet by joining Uni-vert!

To Sign Up

Sophie Audet, Student Life Counsellor
418 368-2201, ext. 1439
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