The Cornélius Brotherton Foundation funds projects for students

In response to a call for projects issued in the fall, the Cornélius Brotherton Foundation announces that it is providing $31,100 in funding for 17 college projects. This financial aid will serve to support initiatives in two distinct categories: innovation in programs of study and the development of student life at each Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles campus.


In the Innovation in programs of study category, three projects have been selected:


At the Carleton-sur-Mer campus:

The Arts, Literature and Media department will receive $500 to publish a collection of poetry and short stories written by the students while going through a whole process of a literary production.  


At ÉPAQ in Grande Rivière:

A summ of $5,000 will enable them to buy equipment for sports and then proceed in campus to the evaluation of the physical condition of students.


At the Magdalen Islands campus:

The students enrolled in the first year in Natural Sciences will receive $1,500 to faclitate their presence at a Colloquium of scientific vulgarisation at UQAR in Rimouski. They will also pay a visit to different department of sciences.


In the Student Life Development category, 14 projects were selected:


At the Carleton-sur-Mer campus

The new Sports Center will encourage the formation of team sports and this sector of student life will receive $1,600 to by uniforms for teams entering  tournaments.

Second year students from the program Intervention in Delinquency will receive $500 for visiting different detention centres.

In order to access different centres of interest in human sciences twenty-six students will visit New York, thanks to a subvention of $2,600


At the Magdalen Islands campus:

An amount of $5,000 will be granted for the Amarres et voilures project for sustaining student’s mobility and international in-work training.




At the Gaspé campus:

Two proposals for international internships caught the committee’s attention:

Seven students registered in Adventure Tourism will receive a grant of $1,750 for in-work training in Mexico(2) and Chile(5): five other students from different programs will receive a same amount for in-work training in Costa Rica.

Talent Fou or a fall of different extracurricular activities under the mark of mental health advancement, happiness, creativity and artistic expression wil receive $3,000 in funding.

A grant of $400 to four students will give them an opportunity to participate to the Forum étudiant 2013, 21 ième législature in Quebec City.

Creation of an intercultural commitee will receive a sum of $2,000 for such a dynamic project.

In order to receive training and participate in many tournaments the collgial team of improvisation Le bleu Marin  will receive $1,500.

In the area of artistic endeavours, $400 will be grandted to support an Artistic worshop in illlustrated poetry.

Six students from Nursing received a $600 grant to attend the “Journée espace étudiant de l’OIIQ” in Quebec City.

A financial aid of $1,500 was granted to two groups of students in forestry for attenting a large scale provincial activity “Demo international 2012”


Inter campuses (Gaspé, Carleton and Magdalen Islands):

A $1,500 grant will make it easier for some twenty-seven students to attend the annual meeting of

the Association des clubs d’entrepreneurs in Magog.


The Cornélius Brotherton is delighted to provide financial support for these projects which will make the lives of Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles students more dynamic. Not only does this initiative make it possible to offer a greater number of educational, sport and cultural activities, it also serves to diversify the activities currently available by broadening the range of opportunities.


Banking on the financial commitment of donors throughout the 2007-2012 fundraising campaign, the Cornélius Brotherton Foundation hopes to raise more than $1,250,000 over a period of five years. The money collected, a large portion of which will be capitalised, serves to fund a large-scale redistribution program.  The support funds for the development of student life and for innovation in programs of study are elements of this campaign.