An exceptional training offer for business in the region

The Commission scolaire des Chic-Chocs, Eastern Shores School Board and Groupe Collegia, in collaboration with Emploi-Québec, have joined forces this fall to offer 23 part-time courses to companies, the self-employed and employees in the MRC de la Côte-de-Gaspé. This is more than double the courses offered at this time last year.


The courses, lasting from three to thirty hours, give students the opportunity to upgrade their knowledge on wide range of subjects including second-language English and French, financial statements, customer service, and work-related software like Acomba, Excel 2007, Antidote and 2010 Microsoft Office Suite.  

According to Claudio Bernatchez, Adult Education and Vocational Training Department Coordinator, “part-time courses offered by educational institutions help workers in the region upgrade their skills by teaching them how to use their work tools optimally and thus, ultimately improve their performance”.

This is the third year that the school boards and the College are working with Emploi-Québec to make a series of courses available to workers in the region. Anyone interested in taking a course or enrolling staff in one or more of these training opportunities must contact the educational institutional offering the course in question. The program has been posted on their websites at:,, and